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LA Drafter is proud to be your source

for accurate, fast and detailed As-built drawings

With more than 20 years of architectural experience, at Los Angeles Drafter we will go on site and, using the latest technology, will draft your project fast and accurately. We are experts in professionally produced CAD drawings. We are CAD consultants, specializing in as-built drafting services for architects, homeowners, contractors, engineers and real estate brokers. Our team can handle any size project in the Los Angeles County area.

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To see more projects in detail, visit our Drafting Samples page. 

                As-Built Surveys for Residential,                   Commercial, and Industrial Properties.

As-built drawings are the first step in the redesign and remodeling process. Our drawings are created with laser-accurate dimensions which reduce mistakes and provide confidence to our clients. Combining years of experience and the latest technology we give your project the right start.  

What is an As-built Plan?

As-built drawings are drawings that accurately show the existing conditions of a building. They are essential in the remodeling process since, most of the time, the original plans are not available and since there may have been several changes done over the years to the original design of the building. As-built drawings are created by professional draftsmen with an architectural background and typically include a site plan, floor plans, door schedules, window schedules, exterior elevations, roof plans, cross sections, interior elevations, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, and square footage calculations.

Our service: As-Built Drafting 
Latest Technology
AutoCAD computer 3.png

Our team uses the latest technology to produce accurate as-built plans. Our laser measuring devices have  BLUETOOTH ®  technology which transfer information wirelessly and accurately into our tablets and laptops. 

Our Software

Our company uses Autocad, the industry standard for drafting. We can easily share CAD files with other professionals in the industry such as architects, engineers and designers.




We have provided as-built services for hundreds of properties including: single family dwellings, multi-family, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, and hill-side homes.



Our company has provided as-built services for hundreds of commercial buildings including restaurants, retail, hotels, clinics, and office buildings.



We have provided as-built services for hundreds of industrial buildings including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and storage & distribution buildings.

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